Frequently Asked Questions


Why can’t I do this myself?

You absolutely can!  I hope that the information I have here has helped you feel confident enough to start the process.  If you get stuck or need some advice or help I am just a phone call or email away for consultation calls.

What if I get started and then decide I don’t want to do everything?

No problem there!  We can decide in my free 30 minute consultation what it is you need help with and then I can design a package for you that gets you the help you need at the budget you have.

What if I just need questions answered?

I can do that!  Just sign up for my free 30 minute consultation and we can talk about your concerns and set up consultation times that work with your schedule and budget.

I just need a few hotels to choose from in my selected city, can you help with that?

YES!  Take a look at my packages page and choose my package  “A”.

I want to hold my retreat at a sustainable resort, can you help me with that?

YES I CAN.  I will research and send you resorts and hotel choices that are Green Key Eco-Rated.  Just pick my  package "A" to get you started!