How Accepting Your Weaknesses Will Help You Be Successful

Are you constantly afraid to try new things or worrying how potential weaknesses of yours will eventually lead to your failure? Have you ever even considered that your perceived weaknesses could possibly be turned into strengths? Come on… we ALL have weaknesses. We're human! But if you can figure out how to effectively address them, it can be an extremely powerful tool to move your business to the next level. 

So go ahead… get honest with yourself. What is holding you back? What has been a big struggle for you in order to effectively accomplish the things you are working on? Don't be hard on yourself, but you have to be honest in order to work on these weaknesses and how you can address them. Than what?

Knowing Is Growing

Think about how many times you have been in an uncomfortable situation at work because you didn't really know what the topic at hand was referring to. Or you were asked to accomplish something at work that you knew was a big weakness of yours. What did you do? By staying complacent, you're always going to have that weakness. But by digging in and taking more action to learn the obstacles that you face, you are going to only grow in your career. Knowing is Growing and the more you know, the more effective and necessary you will be at your job!

And better yet? That weakness is going to disappear if you're working on strengthening it! 

Find The Right People

Surround yourself with the right people and you'll be able to have them complement the weaknesses that you currently possess! Get them on your team! We all know it takes a village to successfully run most businesses and by making sure you have strong people where you're weak, and vice versa, gaps will be filled where you need them the most. 

Pick the Best Relationships and Situations

By knowing who you are, 100%, you are going to be able to assess what relationships and situations will work best for you. You'll be able to save everyone from false expectations, which will put you in the best situations that will help you grow. Be real with yourself and you will never be accused of being in denial over anything!

Need an example of how this could work in the real world? Well… let's say you're not a good public speaker. Start working on small group conversations or one-on-one situations instead! Learn to be really good at it. Connect with people and draw them in! Before you know it, you'll soon find yourself much better prepared to do more speaking when necessary. 

Start developing the mindset you need to work through your limitations and fears and before you know it, your weaknesses are going to turn into strengths you didn't even know you had! Face it… nobody likes admitting their weaknesses and we, as a race, generally do our best to only show people our strong side. Pretending they don't exist, though, or worse yet, pushing through them and doing a poor job can have tragic consequences. Don't let that happen!