Exclusive Venues on Martha's Vineyard to Wow Your Clients

Martha's Vineyard is truly the Jewel of New England. If you've never had an opportunity to visit this quaint island town, you don't know what you're missing! Better yet, why not host your next 1 or 2 day retreat or intensive workshop here. There is no doubt that Martha's Vineyard is a popular destination for vacation and business, why wouldn't it be? With a rich history, thriving culture and miles of endless beaches, it's truly a paradise where you and your clients can relax and recharge during off-time. 

If you're looking for wonderful locations to host your next retreat, look no further than these three gorgeous resorts! 

1. Harbor View Hotel & Resort

I don’t know how much more relaxing it can get when you’re sitting seaside with amazing hospitality in a beautiful location! What a unique experience you can offer your clients. When you are able to offer a productive, yet casual and relaxed retreat destination, your events are going to fill up quicker than you think!

Want to offer things that your attendees would expect from Martha’s Vineyard? Harbor View Hotel and Resort will exceed your expectations. Not only do they offer amazing meeting locations, but they also have outdoor facilities that you can utilize for special meals or functions you may include with your retreat. They even offer a true New England Clambake! 

They will also help you coordinate different activities you may want to plan for your clients, ranging from island transportation, golf, deep-sea fishing, horseback riding, biking to everything your attendees could want! The venue also offers yoga and morning fitness walks for those clients (and yourself!) who want to make sure they get the blood flowing, even if they are away from home for a couple of days.  

I can’t think of a more beautiful location to appreciate the fall colors, as well. You or your clients can take fitful and gorgeous walks along the harbor and relish in the special location that they are staying at! And having a retreat in rooms that offer spectacular ocean scenery isn’t too shabby, either!

2. ShoreWay Acres Inn

Imagine offering your clients the opportunity to have a Seafood and Raw Bar that is served in a rowboat! Or throwing them a “tailgate party” that includes a cookout, relay races and lawn games. For the wine lovers in the group, maybe a “wine cellar” tapas and wine tasting would be more up your alley? Shoreway Acres Inn offers all of these wonderful customized event options, plus more!

Think of how much fun it will be to have a “Taste of Cape Cod” station for dinner?! Everything you are looking to experience on Martha’s Vineyard, you’ll find at this wonderful venue. ShoreWay Acres also offers a wonderful variety of indoor and outdoor meeting venues for your event. If making sure your clients experience a relaxed atmosphere is high on your priority list, this venue is definitely a winner!

I don’t know about you, but offering your clients something truly unique that will make them remember this trip as not only a business trip, but also one of the more fun events that they have had the pleasure of attending is really something I strive for. Including fun activities for them to do, wine bars and whale watching cruises, depending on the season, are great ways to not only introduce your clients to the local flavor of the island, but to really connect with them on a one-on-one basis. What a great opportunity for some stellar networking!

Accommodations at ShoreWay Acres is also top-notch and your attendees won’t soon forget how they felt like a million bucks on your next retreat!

3. The Hob Knob Inn

The Hob Knob Inn is one of those special places that if you have the opportunity to visit, you do. They cater to exclusive, private experiences and with being only a 17-room hotel, exclusivity is guaranteed. 

The Hob Knob provides a private chef for all events upon request, and work hard to make sure that your next meeting will be unique and memorable. This venue was truly good enough for a president, as JFK stayed here in the mid 1900’s. Wow! Luxury amenities will be waiting for all of your clients and after some inspiring daily sessions, retreating to their exclusive rooms will be a welcomed treat.

Looking for more pampering for your clients? They also offer the Rejuvenation Spa, where guests can indulge in body treatments and messages, along with a therapeutic steam shower and sauna. What a better way to wind down after a day at the beach! 

Offer your clients a fun sunset sampling of wine and cheese from local businesses on Martha’s Vineyard, as well, to mix in some local fun for your event. This place is fit for a queen and your clients won’t soon forget the luxury accommodations you provided for their event!

Who wouldn’t want to attend a retreat or intensive workshop in Martha’s Vineyard?! It has everything you, as a host, could expect and offers unique, yet practical areas for you to hold your meetings.