Ice Breakers

One of the biggest challenges of a meeting is getting your guests to feel comfortable engaging with each other.  Let's face it not all of us are comfortable meeting new people. A perfect solution to this problem is having an ice breaker that is fun and gets everyone relaxed and involved. This can be as simple as a 15 min game or a longer team activity.  You'll see how effective a group ice breaker can be with your guests. Depending on the time available, some groups enjoy competition. Others enjoy building or making something.  Below are some great games and activities that you can use at your next meeting or event.

Scavenger Hunt - One of my favorite team ice breakers is a scavenger hunt!  It is easy to put together, cost effective and a lot of fun.  The key to this is have at least one item that is not easy to find.  Try to stay away from items that can be interpreted differently. One year I had a group that had "swizzle stick" on their list.  You wouldn't believe what people brought back for that one!  It did create a bit of controversy as to what exactly a swizzle stick was but that in itself was a lot of fun. 

Minute to Win it Games - So many to choose from for your group!  These games are fun-filled, and use easily available supplies.  I have listed a few of the more popular games.

Face the Cookie - - The contestant, using only their face, must move cookies individually from their forehead to their mouth.

Hanky Panky - Use only one hand to pull tissues out of a tissue box one-at-a-time until box is empty.

Stack It Up - Players must stack 25 pennies in under a minute using only one hand. This game works well with 3 players competing in each round of play.

Outlandish Introductions- Each person introduces the person to his/her right. People are encouraged to fill the introduction with exaggerated claims not meant to be taken literally. The only thing that needs to be the truth is the person’s name. “To my right it David. He once fought a dragon and won. He moved on from a life of dragon-slaying to begin a career in PR for dragons, recognizing that not all dragons are bad, some are just misunderstood….”

Fact or Fiction- For this classic icebreaker, each person must come up with 3 'facts' about themselves. Two are true and one is a lie. The other person, or the rest of the group has to decide which ones are true and which is not. This gives a little understanding into the person, while providing everyone else with a bit of a fun guessing game.

Another great ice breaker activity is to combine fun with a way to give back to the community your are meeting in.

Make a Meal - Every community has a program to help feed people.  I was involved in one where we all put together a meal in a bag.  We all were in teams and each of us were responsible for 1 step in the process.  In just over an hour we were able to put together enough meals to feed 300 people.

Build a Bike - We were tasked with putting bikes together for selected underprivilaged boys and girls in the area.  It was a lot of fun and we helped complete 10 bikes!

These are just a few ideas to help your guests get to know one another and have some fun in the process.