Food & Beverage Trends For Your Next Meeting, Event or Retreat

Are you looking for something new and different for your next event?

Throw out those banquet menu's you get from your hotel! Meet with your chef and try out some of these great ideas for your next meeting, event or retreat.

Local is Everything

You picked your event location for a reason, right? Make sure you're bringing your guests the very best of what the area has to offer. Create menus that flow with the local trends and even ask your chef if he can use locally grown ingredients for the menu.

Small plates are in! 

Bite sized desserts & appetizers are perfect for guests to enjoy while they're trying to mingle. Some of my favorites are single shrimp on a white spoon, bruschetta, a scallop wrapped in bacon (who doesn't love bacon!) and lemon grass shrimp skewers served in a shot glass. For dessert, try warm house made donuts, chocolate truffles, French macaroons, mini cupcakes and house made cookies.

Don't forget: presentation is as important as food.  


Cook with somebody

An interactive lunch or dinner is always fun.  It's a great way for your guests to network and get to know each other.  Work with your chef to create a fun menu that utilizes stations for everyone to rotate to so they can be a part of every step. A flatbread pizza bar is always a sure bet. It is easily adaptable for any of your guests that have special food requests such as vegetarian or gluten free. Be sure to supply a great glass of wine or a cocktail while they prepare their feast.

Contrasting Environments

Get them outside! Using outside spaces to create a change in scenery and a casual dining experience will invigorate your guests especially during multi-day meetings and events.

Go Micro for Max Effect

With the explosion in local microbreweries offering brews that appeal to all tastes; ask your venue if they can make pre-dinner and dinner drinks a local affair. Don't forget about local whiskey, tequila distilleries and small wineries. 

Infused Tea Cocktails

Looking for a different kind of cocktail?

One of the latest trends right now is infused tea cocktails. Think mint, gooseberry, lavender. 

Ask your bartender what special drink they can come up with that works for your guests tastes but that also flows with the theme of your event.


You can incorporate just a few of these ideas or all of them at your next meeting, event or retreat.  Your guests will be talking about it long after the event is over and will be looking forward to your next one!