How to Dress for Warm Weather Business Events

Last week we talked about how to dress for events when you're heading out of the office for a 2-3 Day Business trip in the frozen tundra. On the flip side, what should you do if you're heading to a warm climate destination? You do NOT want to be the woman who has sweat running down her back during a conference because you planned poorly. Or having underarm stains on your shirt? OMG… don't even… You want your career to heat up… not your armpits!

So what are some tricks of the trade to stay cool when picking out what you are going to wear during warm-weather destinations? You definitely want to make sure you are dressing appropriately!

1. It's All About the Fabric

The days of polyester are over, my friend! When you're looking at spending some time in the heat, it is definitely not fabric you want to take with you. Think linens and cottons and other natural fabrics that can breath. These types of fabrics are much more summer/warm-weather friendly, so don't even think about those wool pants that you love. 

When you're thinking about what to pack once you have the fabrics nailed down, think shift dresses or loose, tunic-like dresses. They will be more comfortable in heat than a more fitted look and are generally more warm-weather friendly. And remember… pencil skirts are always your friend!

2. Pick Your Colors Wisely

We all should know that dark colors absorb sunlight more than bright or white clothes, that reflect heat. Well… if you don't know that, you do now! So take the dark-colored clothes out of your carry-on for this trip and find light and airy colors that will not only keep you cooler, but won't get you all sweaty to begin with! Think khaki or light colored pants instead of those killer black ones you have!

3. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!

If you're lucky enough to be heading to somewhere warm and sunny for a business event you have coming up (yay, you!), don't forget to pack that sunscreen! While you might be in conference rooms during the day for whatever event you may be hosting or attending, you never know where the rest of your time may lead. If you have a chance to catch some rays by the pool at the resort you might be staying at, you don't want to turn up as a lobster that night at your fancy cocktail party! 

You also want to make sure that if you're planning an outing for all of your attendees that you take the heat and temps into consideration. Do you think everyone is really going to want to be sweating it out all day in direct sunlight if you're planning an outdoor activity? If you have planned something that is going to be outside like a mixer by the pool, or if you're attending an event that is going to be outside like a business picnic, make sure you stay safe and pack some sunscreen. Who knows… it might also help you make new friends when they ask to borrow the smart sunscreen that you brought on the trip!

4. Layers Are Your Friend

First of all, make sure that the outfits you are wearing are loose under the arms and across the back. You want to make sure you are allowing airflow through your outfit and it also helps to avoid those embarrassing sweat spots!

And ladies… take it easy on the cleavage or showing too much leg. Wearing strapless cotton jersey maxi dresses are not what a business event calls for, so while you might be able to get away with wearing a strapless dress during your event, make sure you have a jacket or layered light sweater that you can wear over it. Don't show too much skin at your next business event, no matter how hot it is!

5. Stock Your Purse With the Necessities

Think about making sure you're carrying a brush, deodorant, and some perfume or scented lotion in your purse when you're away from your hotel room for the day. You'll be able to quickly ditch into a restroom and freshen up a bit if you're feeling a little… heated, and it will help you to make sure that you're presentable and cooled off for the rest of the day.

6. Invest In Some Comfy Shoes

Sling backs, anyone? These are some great warm-weather shoes because you can get half of a sandal feel, which everyone will appreciate when the temps start to rise. Kitten heels are great in warm weather, as well, since they are short, one-inch heals that are perfect for when you will be doing a lot of walking. Which tends to happen when you're away at a 2-3 day business event!

Open-toe pumps are always a safe bet, too, and is a great way to show off the pedi you got before you headed to your warm-weather destination! But don't overlook the color element! In high temps, a light or nude color will work great, in addition to something with a little bit of color pop. It's always fun to pair some color with more traditional clothing colors!

7. Undergarments

Don't nail the outfit, but make a mistake with your undergarments! Many women make bra mistakes, such as wearing a regular bra with a shirt that will show the straps. Your bra should NEVER be visible in the workplace, even if you're out of the office. Invest in a convertible bra that can be worn with different necklines and you won't have a thing to worry about!

So there you have it! You are going to be so prepared when you need to travel to a warm-weather destination for business that it won't be a problem at all! You just never can tell where you may need to travel for business, so it's always better to be safe than sorry. That being said… if YOU are the one getting the event all put together, you'll be able to make the choice yourself… warm or cold? Have fun!