Top 5 Certified Green Hotels For Sustainable Meetings

Sustainable meetings are becoming more and more of a priority to many businesses across the country. In today’s day and age of aiming to be as green as possible in everything businesses do, it makes sense that holding meetings that are green, as well, is trending. If sustainable meetings are something that you want to make sure you embody when planning your next intensive, conference, workshop or event, consider one of these certified green hotels as your next destination. 

1. The Allison Inn & Spa - Newborn, Oregon

If you’re looking to hold an event in the wine area  of Oregon’s landscape, look no further than The Allison Inn & Spa! They are at the top of the list for Eco-Friendly Luxury and were awarded the prestigious LEED Gold Certification less than a year after opening in the fall of 2009. Key green features include solar hot water, photo voltaic cells (which generate 7% of electricity), no use of plastic bottles, along with a sedum ‘green eco-roofing’ on the west wing. 

And it doesn’t stop there! They emphasis sustainability and conservation in everything they do and always share with their guests, staff and the community what their vision, approach and rationale is on sustainability. They are teaching everyone who walks through their doors or lives in the area! They work with other organizations to share their information and techniques, as well. How inspiring!

Local businesses are utilized whenever possible and the produce and prepare fresh vegetables from their own 1.5 acre Chef’s Garden & Greenhouse. 

Know that your next event will be in in the hands of dedicated environmental stewards if you’re looking to hold a sustainable meeting! And you will never find the standards of comfort or the guest experience being compromised. It’s the best of both worlds in this eco-friendly luxury destination!

2. Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort - Lake Placid, NY

Lake Placid is such a gorgeous location for your next event and if you’re looking to make your event sustainable, Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is a winner! They are Lake Placid’s only Platinum rated, environmentally friendly hotel and are the only area hotel to offer green meetings. Why not hold your event not only at a beautiful and tranquil location, but also one that will be sustainable?

One of the most unique items of sustainability at this resort comes from the beach down on Lake Placid! It is made of crushed limestone, with a natural white color, the sand, which counteracts the effect of acid rain, which is a major issue in the region. The beach helps to lessen the effects the rain has on the environment and also helps to keep the lake water clear. Now that’s impressive!

With energy efficiencies in place around the entire resort, along with not using water bottles and implementing a paperless system for reservations, Golden Arrow has become one of the most sustainable resorts in North America. If meals are required, they offer organic, locally produced cuisine. By purchasing as many supplies as possible from local vendors, it helps to reduce emissions from transportation and supports the local economy. 

From guest rooms, to the food in the restaurant, to the roof over your head, Golden Arrow has found creative ways to blend high class hotel amenities with sustainable practices. That’s why Golden Arrow was the first hotel - and only one of seven - to receive a Platinum Eco-Rating from Audubon International. With their commitment to educating and engaging visitors about sustainability, they are sure to remain at the cutting edge of GREEN hospitality!

Speaking of the roof over your head, the hotel’s roof is a 3,400 square foot “Green Roof” that is composed of a variety of plant life. This helps meet many of the resort’s sustainable goals by providing insulation, which reduces the hotel’s heating and cooling needs, provides a habitat for area birds and insects, and some of the plants are herbs that are used for the restaurant. How wonderful!

3. Bardessono Yountville - Napa Valley, CA

You’ll be hard pressed to find guests and attendees who won’t jump at the opportunity to attend your event in Napa Valley! But when choosing where to hold your meeting, consider Bardessono Yountville! It is 1 of only 3 hotels in the U.S. to achieve LEED Platinum certification and they work hard to act on the environmental values that they hold dear! 

They are a 100% non-smoking property, which also includes a ban on electronic cigarettes, as well. They stand by their word and put the needs of the environment ahead of everything! 

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean they skimp on luxury. They have 62 luxurious guest rooms, each designed for private in-room spa services. Their restaurant is based on local, farm-fresh ingredients and there is a rooftop pool for lounging and dining! They also have carbon fiber bicycles on-site for guests to use!

They prove that a hotel can provide a luxurious guest experience and be green at the same time. Their environmental initiatives have been implemented in a manner that is practical, economic, and aesthetic. Taking care of the environment is engrained at their core and they are committed to spreading the word about the importance of taking action!

Bardessono has implemented an underground geothermal system, which heats and cools the guest rooms, spa, and the hot water supply. This means that almost no offsite energy is used! They also have 940 solar panels hidden on the rooftops that provide significant amounts of the hotel’s electrical demand. And by utilizing occupancy sensors in guest rooms, they automatically decrease energy consumption when guests aren’t in their rooms. 

What a wonderful model of green initiatives for sustainable events!

4. The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa - Savannah, GA

The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa will have the senses awaken for all of your guests! They will be able to replenish at the spa, recharge with a round on the attached PGA golf course, or relax at the tranquil riverside oasis. And by providing complete business services, unsurpassed catering and convention options and a multitude of recreational activities, Savannah may be the next place you hold your sustainable meeting! 

When it comes to being Green, The Westin Savannah is at the top of the list by proving to be one of the greenest hotels in the U.S. They have been awarded the Green Seal Silver level certification, which is one of the most robust environmental standards in the hospitality industry. In order to receive this certification, a hotel must meet and adhere to stringent guidelines set out, which includes requirements in waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, wastewater management and green procurement. They believe it’s a way of life!

The resort has a steering committee which serves as the council for sustainable decisions. They are fluent in the initiatives that have been places and work to ensure that the policy is maintained and future goals are met. 

From making sure recycling bins are available throughout the resort to refurbishing items as often as possible to eliminate buying new, The Westin Savannah is committed to being green. Sustainable meetings include the use of white boards, bulk condiments and energy-efficient digital signage, use of eMenus, eProposals and digital contracts. They have also implemented low-flow showers and faucets in the resort to reduce the water needed. And by purchasing local seafood and organic vegetables and using herbs grown at their on-site herb garden, they ensure that the food you eat will be as green and sustainable as possible, too! 

5. Montage Deer Valley - Park City, UT

If you’re looking for an authentic, yet refined mountain retreat to hold your next event at, along with being a certified green resort, you’ve found a winner at Montage Hotel & Resorts in Park City, Utah! Not only do they offer unrivaled ski-in / ski-out access to one of America’s best ski resorts, but they also boast the largest spa in Utah, five inspired dining options, its own bowling alley, along with amazing year-round activities such as hiking, biking, golf, and fishing. Your guests are going to be treated to the ultimate luxuries, should you hold your next event here!

They also are passionate about sustainability at every level of the resort. Montage Deer Valley was the first LEED Certified resort in the state of Utah and is committed to caring for and enhancing the astonishing environment around them. 

Montage took their commitment to being green one step further by establishing an executive-level position within their business to create, integrate and manage all aspects of responsible sustainability actions in the company. They are 100% committed to holding the highest USGBC and LEED ratings as possible, in order to benchmark their success. 

By following policies including environmentally preferred purchasing programs, waste management programs, water-quality management practices, energy management and green housekeeping initiatives, Montage Deer Valley is a perfect spot for a sustainable meeting.

Planning sustainable meetings can be made easier by looking into one of the above five locations for your next conference, workshop, or event and why wouldn’t you want to? Show your guests and attendees how much you care by setting them up for success with the environment. And you never know who you will inspire to make different choices in their everyday lives after spending a couple days at a location like one of the above!